Getting Started: Creating a drafting document and dimensioning

LogoTopSolidTopSolid drafting sampleIn this getting started video tutorial, you will be introduced to some basic concepts around the creation of 2d drafting files.  First let’s discuss what a drafting document is.  A TopSolid drafting document is a document where we project the 3d data created in TopSolid into a 2d format.  It is in a drafting document where you will add your dimensions, GD & T and other detailing types of elements.

This tutorial contains 4 videos that will walk you through some basic concepts on the creation of 2d drafting documents..

In this first video, you will learn how to create a basic drafting document that contains 3 standard views of your part.  You will also learn how to set and customize the origin point of the view.

Step 1 – Create your views

In the next video, you will learn how to add an Origin Symbol to your drafting views. You will also be shown a few different ways of adding and working with Composite dimensions. Composite dimensions allow you to quickly add several styles of dimensions to your view from a common origin point.  This is heavily used in the Tool and Die industries.

Step 2 – Add origin symbol and use composite dimensions

In step 3 of this tutorial, Continue reading Getting Started: Creating a drafting document and dimensioning

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TopSolid: Who, What, Where, Why…

The question is often asked…”who is TopSolid?”  We do our best to answer.  Sometimes we hear “What is TopSolid?“.  Again we answer.  This leads to “Where did TopSolid come from?“. And of course the big question, “Why choose TopSolid?“.  Let’s have a look at each of these questions. But before we do, please enjoy our new corporate video!  I think it does a great job of answering these questions.

Who is TopSolid?

TopSolid is you. TopSolid is me. TopSolid is everyone from the staff in our front office, to the developers in the back office. TopSolid is our partners around the globe.  TopSolid is the technicians that help everyone use TopSolid.  Who is TopSolid?  TopSolid is everyone!

What is TopSolid?

TopSolid is inspiration. Inspiration that leads to better engineering; better manufacturing.  TopSolid is information management combined with cutting-edge software development to bring the entire process of manufacturing under one platform.  TopSolid is simplicity merged with ingenuity wrapped around data with the simple target of empowering you to get your job done efficiently…and perhaps with a little bit of fun along the way!

Where did TopSolid come from?

TopSolid came from…no.  TopSolid comes from people like you.  Industry experts with a passion for manufacturing…a passion for process…a passion for creation.  TopSolid comes from over 30 years of research and Development. TopSolid comes from listening to our customers across the globe. So again, TopSolid comes from you!

Why Choose TopSolid?

TopSolid is the best choice for any company that designs and/or manufactures…well pretty much anything.  TopSolid offers the only PDM based manufacturing solution on the market. Moreover all of our vertical solutions are written by our development team.  This means that they are written to work well together from the beginning.  Click here to learn more about our industry leading manufacturing solutions.

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Webinar: How to manage your manufacturing experience with TopSolid 7!

TopSolid Webinar logo

Manufacturing is a challenge. In fact manufacturing is challenging enough without having to fight with your CAD and CAM software to get your job done. Join this webinar to discover Mfg'ing Spagettihow working with world-class PDM based CAD/CAM solution can help to increase your productivity while also saving money from your bottom line.

To view this video, you will need to register.  Please click the link below and you will be redirected to the registration page.  After you register you will have access to the video from this webinar.

Register Here

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us with them! After all, that’s what we are here for!

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Create a Machine Part Setup Document within TopSolid 7

Like all processes that exist in manufacturing, it is important to understand the process of how to send a part to be machined within TopSolid 7.  This process includes a special document type called “Machine Part Setup”.

It is this document that today’s video will cover.  In this video you will be shown various ways to send a part into a Machine Part Setup document.  But first, what is a Machine Part Setup document?

A Machine Part Setup document, or MPS for short, is a document that exists between the Cad document and the Cam document. Its sole purpose in life is to give you a simple way to describe the part, or parts to cut to TopSolid and also to describe the stock model to be used.

We created an intermediate document like this because we have found that our users always need a way to manipulate and edit the stock conditions of the parts they are cutting. And with this intermediate document, they can do this with ease.

The following video will introduce you to the basics of what an MPS document is and how you can use it.


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TopSolid 7 – 3 Channel Synchronous Milling

Recently we had a customer ask us if we can handle multi-channel synchronous milling.  In most cases this means milling on the same channel with two turrets.  We discussed this internally and found that this is not only manageable, but it is also possible to take it to extreme levels. For example, one of our team members here decided to try it with 3 channels.  And guess what? It works!  And moreover, it was relatively easy to manage thanks to the power of TopSolid 7.

Check out the video below to see the simulation of 3 channel synchronous milling.  It is, if nothing else…NATIVELY AWESOME!

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Check, Clean & Simplify imported geometry in TopSolid 7

In this getting started tutorial, you will be introduced to the Check, Clean and Simplify commands within TopSolid 7. Check will automatically check the integrity of your geometry. If it finds bad data, it will isolate it and make you aware of it so you can correct the problem. Clean is another automatic tool. This tool will attempt to automatically clean bad geometry such as bow-tied surfaces or surfaces with bad trimming boundaries. Finally you will be shown the Simplify command. This command will measure the geometry and if needed convert it back to simple forms of geometry such as planes, conics, cylinders, spheres and so on.

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Import a file with conversion into a TopSolid Project

In this getting started tutorial, you will be shown how to use a command called “Import file with conversion”. This command let’s you import a file into the TopSolid project and convert it at the same time. There are two methods you can use to import data this way. One is to use the contextual menu. The other is to use simple windows drag-n-drop.

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